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  • April 3, 2003

    Can We Talk?

    CORRECTION: When this column was originally published, a fact-checking error caused the word “owner” to be removed from a reference to the Jewish “owner-editors” of U.S. News & World Report and The New Republic. This may have made it appear as if Alterman was addressing the issue of Jewish “editors” in general with regard to media coverage and Israel, rather than merely the two men he cited.

    Eric Alterman

  • March 20, 2003

    Perle, Interrupted

    Famed Prince of Darkness Richard Perle is a political animal unique to Washington.

    Eric Alterman

  • March 6, 2003

    ‘Rules for Changing the World’

    This was intended to be a sweet little prewar column about an artist I admire, Rosanne Cash.

    Eric Alterman

  • February 20, 2003

    Bad News, Film at 11

    Like almost everything these days, local TV news is awful and getting worse.

    Eric Alterman

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  • February 6, 2003

    A ‘Good Man’ Is Not So Hard to Find

    I was standing in line for Bowling for Columbine in Brussels not long ago with two writer/editor friends, when a 15-or-so-year-old Belgian boy in front of us turned around and inquired,

    Eric Alterman

  • January 23, 2003

    State of Disunion

    These are dangerous times. George W. Bush is set to make another State of the Union address.

    Eric Alterman

  • January 9, 2003

    The Roamin’ Empire

    During the 2000 campaign, candidate George W. Bush proclaimed that America must be “humble in how we treat nations that are figuring out how to chart their own course.” But that was then.

    Eric Alterman

  • December 18, 2002

    Raines of Fire

    New York Times executive editor Howell Raines shares, with his fellow liberal Southerner Al Gore, a talent for driving his opponents batty.

    Eric Alterman

  • December 5, 2002

    Rawls and Us

    The late John Rawls was, by all accounts, a remarkably modest and generous person, much beloved by his friends and students, and profoundly uninterested in the kinds of fame and celebrity perks

    Eric Alterman