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Republicans Are No Friends to Working People

If you work for a living, or if you know and love people who do, there’s a lot on the line in this year’s election.

Rebecca Gordon

The EU’s Secret to Slashing Emissions

Europe proves that putting a price on carbon can dramatically transform fossil fuel–based economies.

Paul Hockenos

Students at the University of Florida Passed a Historic Pledge for a Green New Deal

UF is the first and only public university whose student government has given a direct mandate for a Green New Deal. Here’s what happens next.

Cameron Driggers and Meagan Lamey

Covering Climate Now

A man holds a placard reading

It’s the 2024 Election Season. Where’s the Climate Story?

Despite the threats to all of humanity, news outlets around the world are largely sidelining the climate conversation

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope
An Extinction Rebellion activist participates in an action to block traffic to the Port of Rotterdamn.

Extinction Rebellion Wants to Reclaim the Port of Rotterdam

The climate activists are putting pressure on Dutch officials to reduce emissions at Europe’s most polluting port.

Anna Hiatt
Christiana Figueres poses for a photo after an interview with the Associated Press prior to a news conference of

“No One Wins on a Dead Planet”: A Former UN Climate Chief Loses Faith in Fossil Fuel Companies

At COP28, Christiana Figueres, the architect of the Paris climate agreement, said people must balance outrage and optimism.

Ajit Niranjan

Covering Climate Now

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