Climate Change

How Climate Change and Gang Violence Intersect in Honduras

As climate impacts worsen in this gang-ridden country, displacement becomes common and the murder rate balloons.

Mark Scialla

What Will It Take for Princeton to Finally Take Bold Climate Action?

After Harvard and Dartmouth’s divestments. Princeton remains one of the few remaining Ivies still invested in the fossil fuel industry

Hannah Reynolds

There Can Be No Compromise on a Burning Planet

Business interests invaded the environmental policy realm even before climate change emerged as a key issue. It’s time to kick them out.

Amy Westervelt

Covering Climate Now

Climate Change Protest In Washington, D.C.

To Build a Beautiful World, You First Have to Imagine It

Looking at the climate fight, it’s clear what we desperately need is more artists.

Mary Annaïse Heglar
The Most Important Climate Summit in History Is a Local News Story Too

The Most Important Climate Summit in History Is a Local News Story Too

COP26 matters to every person on Earth, so it’s a story for every newsroom on Earth.

Andrew McCormick
Coloradans Take Action For An Economic Recovery And Infrastructure Package Prioritizing Climate, Care, Jobs, And Justice, Call On Congress To Pass The THRIVE Act

This 5-Point Plan Will Fix Climate Coverage

Number 1: It’s the planet, stupid.

Amy Westervelt and Mary Annaïse Heglar

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Climate and Politics

President Joe Biden

Campaigning “From the Middle Out” Won’t Save Democrats

This effort can be driven only by independent movements, by organizers on the ground, by activists who decide collectively that this is a time not to give up but to move up.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Department of Justice Is Letting the Coup Plotters Get Away

While Congress is investigating the events of January 6, why isn’t the DOJ doing the same—and more?

Elie Mystal

Why I Opposed the Patriot Act

Reckoning with 20 years of the surveillance state.

Russ Feingold

Covering Climate Now

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