Climate Change

A ‘Just Transition’ Clean Energy Revolution Can Be a Boon for West Virginia—and the Country

The Mountain State can be ground zero for America’s transition to a new, green economy.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Why Brazil Still Matters

With Lula eligible to run against Bolsonaro, Brazilians hold the world’s future in their hands.

Glenn Greenwald

Should Governments Consider Engineering the Atmosphere?

Two writers debate whether solar geoengineering would help or harm the effort to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Oliver Morton and Amy Westervelt

Covering Climate Now

Covering Young Climate Activists Isn’t an Act of Favoritism—It’s an Act of Journalism

Activists are newsmakers, just like politicians, and deserve accurate, rigorous coverage.

Mark Hertsgaard

Journalists and the Looming Superstorm of Climate Disinformation

With climate action on the table, disinformation is poised to get louder. What should journalists do about it?

Andrew McCormick

The US Returns to the Paris Agreement Today—With Lots of Work Ahead for the World

Slashing emissions at home is only part of the challenge—the United States must also help other countries go green.

Tom Athanasiou

Climate and Politics

Progressive Democrats Face Resistance on Infrastructure

The party is split between a stubborn establishment and what some activists see as its overly conciliatory left flank.

Aída Chávez

Yes, Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Justin Fairfax Just Compared Himself to Emmett Till 

He blamed front-runner Terry McAuliffe for treating him like Till and George Floyd when he faced women’s claims of sexual assault in 2019.

Joan Walsh

One Year Ago When Bernie’s Campaign Ended, We Lost a Common Love

Of all the losses over the past year, Bernie’s campaign—the love at its core—is one we don’t talk about.

Lillian Osborne

Covering Climate Now

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