Climate Change

How Climate Change Threatens Colleges Across the Country

We asked students to tell us how rising sea levels, forest fires, and flash floods impact their local communities.


If You Fund the Research, You Can Shape the World

Before the Koch brothers, Standard Oil realized the power of universities to spread its free-market ideology and prevent the growth of socialism.

Amy Westervelt

The Fog After the Storm

The effects of a hurricane don’t end when the wind stops blowing.

Mary Annaïse Heglar

Covering Climate Now

Mia Mottley, prime minister of Barbados

At COP 26, A Bigger, Stronger Climate Movement Made Its Mark

The new focus on equity in the climate movement will keep the pressure where it belongs: on the Global North.

Tina Gerhardt and The Nation
COP26 Global Day for Climate Justice march, London

You Can’t Beat Climate Change Without Tackling Disinformation

Over more than a century, PR firms built and fine-tuned a machine to deceive the public.

Amy Westervelt
Environmental Activists Demonstrate Against Chase Bank's Financial Ties To Fossil Fuel Industry

Forgive Humans, Not Oil Companies

It might seem like prison abolition and fossil fuel abolition have nothing in common, but they couldn’t be more related.

Mary Annaïse Heglar

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Climate and Politics

Ian Fishback

Duty, Honor, Country: Ian Fishback and the Idea of America

This uniformed whistleblower sacrificed his life for this nation no less than the several thousand who fell in battle.

Andrew J. Bacevich

Ping!! How Those Trump/Russia Stories Got Shopped to the Media

Thanks to recent indictments and ongoing lawsuits about an alleged Trump computer back channel to Moscow, we can now see just how journalists got played—and who played them.

Barry Meier

Many Southern Hospitals Already Deny Pregnant Patients Abortions

Things will only get worse for patients in Mississippi and around the country should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the states with extreme abortion bans.

Candace Bond-Theriault

Covering Climate Now

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