Climate Change

Violence Is in the Air

A new study shows that the rate of violent crime increases with the level of smog.

Michelle Chen

A New Beginning for Climate Reporting

Could it be that the press, especially the US press, is finally waking up to the climate story?

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope

What if Reporters Covered the Climate Crisis Like Edward R. Murrow Covered the Start of World War II?

The new Covering Climate Now project will help media “tell the story so people get it.”

Bill Moyers


Can Extinction Rebellion Put Climate Change ‘Beyond Politics’?

Right now their approach is making politicians come to them.

Daniel Judt


In Senegal, Climate Change Is Robbing Thousands of Their Homes

No region has done less to contribute to the climate crisis than Africa—or stands to lose more.

Daniel Judt

Green New Deal

The Case for a Coercive Green New Deal

Only a massive, democratically elected administrative apparatus can stop climate change.

John Feffer

AOC on the Green New Deal

What if we actually pulled off a Green New Deal? What would the future look like?

Molly Crabapple

The Green New Deal Is Cheaper Than Climate Change

The economic cost of allowing temperatures to rise even a couple of degrees above that target is simply staggering.

Joshua Holland

United Nations and Climate

Climate Kids

‘How Dare You!’ Greta Thunberg Rebukes World Leaders

“We will not let you get away with this,” the 16-year-old climate strike leader tells the UN Climate Action Summit.

Mark Hertsgaard

Europe’s Striking Climate Kids Show How to Defeat the Far Right

Fighting climate change now polls as a top priority among European voters—while most far-right leaders are climate denialists.

Paul Hockenos

The Climate Kids Are Coming

With a Green New Deal and Student Strikes For Climate, will young people save us yet?

Mark Hertsgaard

Climate and National Security

The US Navy Has a Water Problem

The Second Fleet was reactivated to patrol the Arctic. Only problem is, the fleet’s home is on the front lines of sea-level rise: Naval Station Norfolk.
Dave Lindorff

This story was published as part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story, co-founded by The Nation and Columbia Journalism Review. Continue Reading >

From the Archives

‘The Silenced’: Meet the Climate Whistle-Blowers Muzzled by Trump

Six former government scientists describe how the Trump administration made them bury the truth about climate change—and why they won’t stay quiet.
Oliver Milman

From weakening vehicle emissions to blocking warnings about how coastal parks could flood or the impact on the Arctic, the Trump administration is accused of muzzling climate science.1 Here six former government scientists describe being sidelined by the administration—and why they won’t be quiet.2 Jeff Alson Role: A former senior… Continue Reading >

Climate and Politics

The Once Common Republican Environmentalist Is Virtually Extinct

Our corrupted American elections may well be the greatest environmental threat facing the planet. But if elections pose a threat, they also offer a possibility.

John Nichols

The Problem With Our Climate Debate Is That Only Democrats Are Showing Up

While Democrats are getting ambitious on climate change, the GOP continues to derail the conversation from the sidelines.

Jeet Heer

Joe Biden Doesn’t Sound Very Serious About the Climate Crisis

CNN’s climate change town hall was a good moment for activists—and a rough one for the Democratic front-runner.

Zoë Carpenter