Climate Change

UN Secretary General: Without the US in the Paris Agreement, Humanity Faces Climate ‘Suicide’

Joining China and other big polluters, Biden’s pledge of “net zero” US emissions by 2050 brings the Paris Agreement goals “within reach.”

Mark Hertsgaard

How Biden Could Use the Presidential Bully Pulpit to Drive Climate Action

According to a Fox News exit poll on election night, 70 percent of voters support increased government spending on green and renewable energy.

Jamie Henn

Journalists Must Demystify the Green New Deal

Everyone’s talking about it—but in most journalism there’s no telling what the Green New Deal actually is.

Mark Hertsgaard

The Sitting President Has No Climate Plan. Why Isn’t That Headline News?

As hurricanes and wildfires sweep through the US, the president offers no ideas—and journalists have been giving him a pass.
Andrew McCormick

This article is adapted from “The Climate Beat,” the weekly newsletter of Covering Climate Now, a global journalism initiative strengthening coverage of the climate story. The author is Covering Climate Now’s deputy director. [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he president of the United States has no plan to address the climate crisis. This is not… Continue Reading >

Green New Deal

Bill Gates, Climate Warrior. And Super Emitter.

The billionaire’s new book, a bid to be taken seriously as a climate campaigner, has attracted the usual worshipful coverage. When will the media realize that with Gates you have to follow the money?

Tim Schwab

Come Dream With Me: Environmental Justice, Colorized, 2021

Because my generation’s dreams cannot be deferred or denied any longer.

Nikayla Jefferson

Jack Halberstam’s Call of the Wild

In an interview, the radical social thinker says the idea of “the wild” can help us dismantle our unjust world.

Tal Milovina

Election 2020

Making the Climate Emergency the Story of the 2020 Elections

America’s journalists must do much better this time around.

Mark Hertsgaard

Climate Grief

Can Psychedelics Treat Climate Grief?

Author Michael Pollan talks about whether drugs that comfort the terminally ill can also help people mourning the climate future.

Mark Hertsgaard

Covering Climate Now

The US Returns to the Paris Agreement Today—With Lots of Work Ahead for the World

Slashing emissions at home is only part of the challenge—the United States must also help other countries go green.

Tom Athanasiou

How a Texas TV Reporter Gained Confidence to Cover Climate Change

Local journalists can play a powerful role in ensuring the climate story is told right.

David Schechter

Amanda Gorman’s Poem Rhymes With Biden’s Climate Agenda

“The Hill We Climb” offers both inspiration and warning in the face of the climate emergency.

Mark Hertsgaard

United Nations

This Is Why the World Is Facing Climate Catastrophe

At the COP 25 summit in Madrid, the powerful countries stalled and squabbled while activists marched and pleaded for serious climate action.

Ben Ehrenreich

Fossil Fuels

Does the Climate Crisis Spell the End of Big Oil?

Financial markets are rightfully taking climate change seriously, but it’s humanity, not bottom lines, that should be our top concern.

Mark Hertsgaard

United Nations and Climate

Green New Deal

While Texans Freeze, Governor Greg Abbott Lies About the Green New Deal

Republican politicians try—and fail—to deflect blame with outrageous spin.

John Nichols

How a Climate-Justice Champion Won Office in Rural, Working-Class Maine

State Senator Chloe Maxmin, a progressive activist who unseated the GOP minority leader in November, talks about social-movement organizing.

Wen Stephenson

Come Dream With Me: Environmental Justice, Colorized, 2021

Because my generation’s dreams cannot be deferred or denied any longer.

Nikayla Jefferson

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