Climate Change

Coastal Landfills Are No Match for Rising Seas

As sea levels rise, the landfills along the US coasts have become a ticking environmental time bomb. So why does the federal government have no plan to avoid this looming catastrophe?

Dave Lindorff

Billionaires in Space

For the world’s richest men, the stars are up for sale.

A.M. Gittlitz

Rich Nations ‘Must Consign Coal Power to History,’ Says the UK COP26 President

Alok Sharma’s challenge will be to persuade countries at COP26 to commit to more ambitious emissions-cut targets and to increase financing for countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Nina Chestney

Covering Climate Now

Oil pumpjacks

How a Powerful US Lobby Group Helps Big Oil to Block Climate Action

The American Petroleum Institute receives millions from oil companies—and works behinds the scenes to stall or weaken legislation.

Chris McGreal
Flooding in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Media’s Climate Blind Spot Is Geographic

When climate coverage ignores the Global South, it’s bad for everyone.

Saleemul Huq and Mark Hertsgaard
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg: ‘Nature and Physics Are Not Entertained nor Distracted by Your Theater’

The Swedish climate activist delivered a blistering speech at the Austrian World Summit, condemning those in power who have continued to brutalize the climate.

Mark Hertsgaard

Climate and Politics

Where Would We Be Without the New Deal?

Where Would We Be Without the New Deal?

A new history charts the forgotten ways the social politics of the Roosevelt years transformed the United States.

Michael Kazin

The Rescue of the New York Public Library

Activists thwarted NYPL trustees’ harebrained plans and restored democracy to this vital public institution.

Scott Sherman

What Happened to Andrew Cuomo?

>Ross Barkan’s The Prince tracks how the son of a progressive New York governor transformed into one focused on one thing above all else: power.

Raina Lipsitz

Covering Climate Now

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