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Brad Lander Knows How to Achieve the Big, Bold Structural Changes That Will Transform New York

The urban planner running for comptroller argues that the city can drive innovation and change by leveraging its financial power and influence to serve the people.

John Nichols

We Don’t Need Science Fiction to Avert Climate Catastrophe

Europe is showing the world that a clean-energy transition is possible with existing technology.

Paul Hockenos

Climate Justice, for the First Time Ever, Is on the G7 Agenda

If rich countries want a livable planet for themselves, they'll have to pay what they promised. This weekend’s summit will show whether they will.

Mark Hertsgaard

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fishing trawler

Charting a Sustainable Course for the Blue Economy

Ocean industries are often even more polluting than their terrestrial counterparts.

David Helvarg and Jason Scorse
Call It What It Is: A Climate Emergency

Call It What It Is: A Climate Emergency

Why are media outlets still not treating climate change as the catastrophic threat it truly is?

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope
Shell court ruling

Big Oil Loses Big in a Day of Game-Changing Climate News

A Dutch court ruling and two shareholder revolts have brought new hope in the climate emergency fight.

Mark Hertsgaard

Climate and Politics

Stone Mountain GA Confederate Monument

Un-Critical Race Theory

What if CRT’s conservative critics actually got what they want?

Joshua Adams

Republicans Tried to Kill the ACA—but It Got Stronger

While not a complete victory, the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act places it on its firmest legal ground yet.

Elie Mystal

Gavin Newsom Is Headed for a Comeback

With California’s recovery in full swing, the governor is poised to make it through the upcoming recall election unscathed.

Sasha Abramsky

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