Van Gosse

Van Gosse is a professor of History at Franklin and Marshall College and cochair of Historians for Peace and Democracy.

South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem votes in Saigon, Aug. 30, 1959. At the time, Diem’s government enjoyed American political and military assistance, but by late 1963, he would be overthrown and assassinated, having lost U.S. support.

Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”? Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”?

If fascism—or even just an authoritarian regime—does happen here in November, it may look surprisingly familiar.

Apr 3, 2024 / Van Gosse

Palestinians in a destroyed residential area try to collect usable items under the rubble.

Israel’s Vietnam—and Ours Israel’s Vietnam—and Ours

Everything that Israel is doing to the people of Gaza—especially killing civilians through intensive aerial bombardment—was prefigured during the American “ground war” in Vietnam....

Jan 18, 2024 / Van Gosse