This week we speak to Joe Ehrmann, former NFL player and founder of InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Change Lives.

Also, I speak about the solidarity statement we organized to support Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett, in his efforts to challenge the violence and racial profiling of the Las Vegas police; a solidarity statement that brought together people from Angela Davis to Colin Kaepernick.

We have a Just Stand Up for friend of the program, Jemele Hill, after she tweeted out truths about No. 45… and then was subsequently scolded by her employer. ESPN, you can Just Sit Down.

As always, we’ve got your Kaepernick Watch—can you believe that we have something nice to say about Stephen A. Smith? You’ve gotta hear this!

Joe Ehrmann, Former NFL defensive lineman
Founder, InSideOut Initiative

The Las Vegas Police Union Goes in the Gutter to Attack Michael Bennett