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This week we speak to Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle and activist Eireann Dolan about their push to keep the MLB’s caps union made after cap maker New Era announced a factory relocation from Derby, New York, to a non-union shop in Florida. We also talk about the MLB players association and the shift in perception with respect to labor.

We’ve also got Choice Words about Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL, and Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards and more to some basketball players at Ole Miss and Patriots owner and coverage of the Robert Kraft news in recent days. All that and more!

Eireann Dolan
Twitter: @EireannDolan

Sean Doolittle
Twitter: @whatwouldDOOdo
This MLB power couple is fighting to save 200 union jobs

Colin Kaepernick Settles His Collusion Case With the NFL