Puzzle No. 3525

Puzzle No. 3525


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 1 Musical chairs, ultimately, amid sprinkles at mid-month (May, for instance) (4,4,5)

 9 Llama’s cousin kept by Nicaraguan acolyte (7)

10 Hotel in the red, or solvent? (7)

11 and 24 Howard Franco’s two musical works (6)

12 Patrol leaders placed in suitable position (11)

13 Forward-thinking staff almost captures Benedict Arnold, for example (9)

15 Biblical character is into the sauce (4)

17 Starts to organize before expanding your mind (4)

19 Pay no heed to translation of a verse bio (4,5)

22 Reconstruct a pretty cold ancient beast (11)

24 See 11

26 Destroy tree that’s home to the first throwback (7)

27 Relevant biological inheritance involves broken arm (7)

28 Novelist’s fragments seen multiple times in a home display (10,3)


 1 Composer loses no bet (5)

 2 A captain, once, has mishandled mounting monthly payment (7)

 3 They keep fluids in marine mammal and insects (8)

 4 Drive up substandard slump (5)

 5 Certain compositions or tennis games? (3,6)

 6 Following operation, I ingested a drug (6)

 7 Some athletes look for opposing vote after a turnover (7)

 8 Beginning to process decay on coarse bulge (8)

13 Vegetables currently eaten by passé nuts (4,4)

14 J.S. interrupts former vice president over victory for former president (9)

16 Marsupial in part of a house and a reduced part of a house (8)

18 M_k_ u_i_o_m? (4,3)

20 Resold a convertible with difficulties (7)

21 Cheerful little woman with a small container (6)

23 Items in which to party and to talk at length (5)

25 Silos initially hide grain (5)



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