Puzzle No. 3524

Puzzle No. 3524


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 1 Mystery, primarily to a scoundrel: “Am I a nut?” (9)

 6 Tailless dog seen east of Georgia range (5)

 9 Shocking nude art, like some films (7)

10 Troop buildup involving a couple of planes and heavy expenditure (7)

11 Messy, like a fox eating honey and a piece of nectarine (8)

12 Beware the nurse in a dark space (6)

14 Refuse to accept study? Yes (4)

15 Rob hid strange application in an aviary (9)

17 Feature a pair of attorneys have in neighborhood where many immigrants live (9)

19 Take back kilo in a safe place? (4)

21 Lives on bananas, etc., after first bite of banana split (6)

22 Wealth from nothing? Vice president admits unusual start and finish (8)

24 Salamander can start to outgrow parcel of land before long (7)

25 Zeppelin’s tune is trendy (7)

26 Shadowy blue follows you in Berlin (5)

27 Developed beta failure before withdrawn test version (9)


 1 Listen to beast getting dessert (6)

 2 Quests for automotive skeletons? These have to be reduced immediately! (6,9)

 3 Captivated by dull object, that gentleman becomes indecisive (7)

 4 Rising society claims: “Be not too bright and only somewhat cultured” (10)

 5 Part of church error: missing leadership (4)

 6 Giant vandal capturing Ali violently (7)

 7 Grace’s endless ecstasy overcomes crafty actor (a bad one) and choreographer (5,10)

 8 Hastened reform in high places? (3,5)

13 Elderly relative adopting the author with no musical instrument (5,5)

16 Strikebreaking poet’s case for a weapon (8)

18 Cut of lamb, mostly, with a helping of veal amid unspecified fish (7)

19 A ruble’s dispersed here! (7)

20 On the radio, retain commercial for calculator component (6)

23 Spill a bit of beer on the dog (4)


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