Proper Fat

Proper Fat


Thin with disgust
Fat with wordless joy
And patience

Thin like the opening of the gate
You pray you’ll make it through
Fat like the other side

Fat with pubescence
With moonstone or pearl
Thin protection

Fat as the ripe earth, before it was turned
The black soil, a dense fruit, unwavering

The fat trench of the womb
You share with your sisters

Fat like forgiveness and
God’s Grace that delivers you
From the enemy of yourself

Proper fat

Fat like a second, third and fourth chance
As the number of tries it takes
For you to finally get right

Dear, don’t mistake generous for infinite
Every abundance that can be chewed,
Can be expelled

Fat like the girl you always knew you were
The fat redemption

Hope, the innocence they couldn’t kill, swells
With its daughter