Either an intruder’s in the house
or I’m shopping online.
An intruder or stargazer lilies
in a vase. A noise my body makes.
My body in a different room.
Yesterday we played I was
the prisoner. I ate the toy bread.
I tried to remember a song.
A song about a train we keep
missing. A noise the windows
make. Either burnt sienna
or terra cotta curtains. Either
I forgot my password or
the name of the street I grew up on.
I grew up thinking my clothes
were shrinking. I sang
this train is bound for glory.
I stole cigarettes from my father
while he slept. I prayed
for something terrible to happen.
What was the name of the hurricane
that shattered our windows?
Either it just happened or
we deserved it. Never enough time
to evacuate. Ready to check out?
The sun’s still there behind
the clouds. My body still
bound for glory. That grackle
flying into the mirror again
and again, or laundry
waiting in a basket.