By 9 am on this hot and furious August, I had read everything about the pros & cons of the public option and the outcome of the Afghan elections. I’d even marked passages in relevant articles with my husband’s favorite red Flair pen. (I read HARD copies.)

But then I got to the red meat. Gail Collins of the New York Times (and if I had any real blogging dexterity, I’d be linking to her column of 8/20) and I seemed to be obsessed with the same thing–Tom Delay’s entrance into the world of reality show competitive dancing.

Ever since I learned, a few days ago, that DeLay was going to be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars”–my daughter’s favorite reality show (and that’s a feat)–I’ve been wondering 1/ how do I get on? and 2/ what will this disgraced politician’s favorite dance be? Well, I have no clue to #1 (hey, producers, I am in top shape after spin and core fusion classes) # 2 and I have a lot of ideas about DeLay’s fave dance, thanks to palling around with my Twitter friends.

Here are some top pix:

The Limbo. The Death Panel Shuffle. The Tighten Up (with thanks to Archie Bell & the Drells). The Birther Shake. Chicken Dance. Weasel Waltz. The Jive. The Exterminator Dance. Bugman Boogie.

I await more suggestions to send on to “Dancing with….”

No waltzes please.