What Can Men Do to Stop Rape Culture?

What Can Men Do to Stop Rape Culture?

Or, what does it mean to be a man? Eve Ensler talks to a panel of men, including Dave Zirin, Jimmy Briggs and Tony Porter, on the role men can play in ending rape culture.


At a panel presented by V-Day and The Nation, Eve Ensler challenged men to up their role in combating violence against women. As Nation sports editor Dave Zirin put it, rape culture is “what happens to our culture when we let it sit and don’t actively challenge violence against women.” It’s “not the two boys in Steubenville who committed the crime, it was the fifty people who saw it happen and did nothing.” To change that culture, the panel asks, what will it take to redefine masculinity? And what role do women have in that conversation?

James Cersonsky

What can pro sports do to help end rape culture? Read Dave Zirin’s take.

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