Happy National Coming Out Day! The right-wing nuts are going, well, nuts. Wal-Mart is sponsoring LGBT Diversity Week at Boise State University in Idaho–October 9 to 13–and once again, the American Family Association is apoplectic. The group’s action alert on the issue makes entertaining reading: “Wal-Mart has given its full endorsement to the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage,” the AFA fumes, noting, with trademark far-right salaciousness, that one of the event’s other sponsors is a purveyor of sex toys (the “Pleasure Boutique”). But the conservative loons realize that when Wal-Mart supports a cause, it has become truly mainstream; that’s why they’re particularly upset that one of the (Wal-Mart-sponsored) events in Boise offers information on the campaign to defeat a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Idaho.

It’s joyous to see elements of the conservative coalition falling apart. Why not join the fun by countering the AFA campaign? Write to Wal-Mart (use the AFA website, but “edit” the letter provided) and tell CEO Lee Scott you think it’s wonderful that the company is funding decency and human rights in Idaho. (I just did this. I also checked a box on the same page agreeing that “I will pray for Lee Scott.”) Now, if Wal-Mart would advance decency and human rights in the Philippines, or behind its own cash registers throughout the United States, that would be better still. But we’ll enjoy one victory at a time.