Things are looking so bad for Republicans this year that you could almost feel sorry for them. That is until you see just how low they will go to cling to power. Here is just a partial roll call of their most recent dirty tricks.

A Republican attack ad accused New York Democratic House candidate Michael Arcuri of calling a sex phone line. When it was clearly shown the number was a misdial, seven television stations in upstate New York refused to run the ad.

California House Republican candidate Tad Nguyen’s campaign sent out 14,000 letters in Spanish to residents with Hispanic surnames falsely threatening, and I quote, “if you’re an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that can result in incarceration or deportation.”

In Tennessee the Republican National Committee is running a racially-charged ad that “juxtaposes women and men talking about [Democratic candidate Harold] Ford’s good looks with suggestions that he took money from pornographers, was seen at a Playboy function and at the end, has a white blonde asking him to call her.”

But as former White House staffer David Kuo points out in his new book, Tempting Faith, the dirtiest Republican trick of all is their pretense to care about evangelical Christians and their issues when in fact they have contempt for them. On November 7th we will see if the Republican base returns the favor.