Last week the Supreme Court granted a huge victory to the Trump administration by approving a new rule that would require migrants seeking asylum in the United States to have already been denied asylum from another country they traveled through on their way to this country. This new rule will further shut down the southern border and prevent thousands of people from escaping deadly circumstances in their countries of origin.

We can’t let Trump’s cruel immigration policies win. This week’s Take Action Now gives you two ways to support asylum seekers, plus one way to push against war in Iran.

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After a series of missile strikes on Saudi oil resources that the Trump administration said were carried out by Iran, Trump, and Mike Pompeo have made yet another threat of military action against the country. Implore your congressional reps to limit the president’s war powers by signing this petition demanding the inclusion of anti-war amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act.


Despite the Supreme Court’s decision, we need Congress to push for the right to asylum. Call your representative today to tell them seeking asylum isn’t a crime, then use HIAS’s database of upcoming congressional meetings to figure out when you can meet your representative in person to push them on opposing the Trump administration’s immigration policies.


Helping immigrants and asylum seekers requires taking action in your community. Cities around the country have local advocacy organizations, like Heartland Alliance in Chicago, HIAS in New York, Asylum Project in DC, and NWIRP in the Pacific Northwest. Find a group in your area and reach out to them about volunteering, or reach out to organizations like Derechos Humanos to discuss potentially volunteering at the border.