Last week, after Congress refused to fund his racist border wall, President Trump declared a sham “national emergency” over border security. In a stunning breach of the Constitution, Trump hopes to bypass separation of powers and use executive authority to loot the military budget. Multiple legal challenges have been filed against the action, but we can’t wait for the courts—we need to mobilize against this abuse of power now. 

This week’s Take Action Now shows you how to help block Trump’s wall and voice your support for reforming our broken gun laws.

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Last week also saw multiple mass shootings—yes, that’s right, multiple shooting events, but in the Trump era, these incidents barely even break the surface of the news cycle. We can change that, though: put pressure on the new Democratic House to act today on gun reform by signing this petition.


Many Republican members of Congress have already voiced their support for Trump’s unprecedented action, but many have also expressed discomfort with Trump’s fake “emergency.” Call your congressperson and senators today, especially if they’re Republicans, and use this script to let them know that you want a representative who’ll uphold the Constitution.


If there were ever a time to drop everything and organize against our authoritarian president, it’s now. Use this toolkit to plan and stage an action this week at a congressmember’s office or an ICE detention center near you, or consult this list of actions around the country to find a #BlockTheWall demonstration you can join.