is a yellow, red, orange, black & green
word. I got sardines at the dollar store
where everything except sardines is more
than a dollar, for sixty cents, as they should be
my father used to take sardine sandwiches to work
perhaps therefore, I love sardines. when people
used to talk about the subway, they’d say:
we were packed like sardines which sends a message:
small, cheap, tightly packed, anchovies for the poor
or you too can be colorful & inexpensive as
a really snappy, tiny bright blue convertible
in which you can enjoy the good things about
feeling like a sardine but maybe you’d rather
be a striped bass or be a manatee with mev
or a grand whale, forgetful of nothing even
being so big, the ocean’s CEO, you’ll take home
a giant amount of cash when the ocean goes bust
so you can share it even with the downtrodden
sardines who get packed in cans in Thailand
& shipped to the family dollar store for Bernadette

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