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October 11, 2010 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Obama’s Forgotten Base

    The tragic irony of this political moment: the people with the most faith in Obama are the hardest hit by the economic disaster, and this brute fact is driving the enthusiasm gap.

    Chris Hayes

  • End of the Daley Show

    Is there a progressive vision for the post-Daley era in Chicago?

    Don Rose

  • Noted.

    Michael Tracy on the Republican filibuster of the DREAM Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal, Peter Rothberg on the One Nation Working Together march and Jennifer O'Mahony on the Pope's visit to England

    Various Contributors

  • Invisible Arab-Americans

    It's long past time for us to recognize Arab- and Muslim-Americans as an integral part of America's complexity.

    Alia Malek
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