I said okay okay and then it was
altogether right to say
all right, I said. Though on the other hand,
I said. Just that you understand how
this is, I said at least twice.

And considering, taking fully into account the matter of
could be, soon a might
have been, it seems at least partly wise to upend
or refigure. Oh second thought! Last minute to relish!

Sound of heating duct, printer not printing, my own
temporal artery in the nothing they said.

Right. Or it was what
else I blurted at the table. Something like: I imagine
it’s possible though we may need

more time, what with and as it happens,

whoever and beyond that aren’t there other means to
other ways to pledge ourselves one starry planet
in the cloud bank?

Well, sure, I guess I said then

over the quietest perfect falling
into place or pieces.