Puzzle No. 3505

Puzzle No. 3505


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 1 Noticed a tool melting (4)

 4 Put in other words: political center managed group of candidates (9)

10 Our dean mangled a poem (7)

11 Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung chases star’s split with loud rumbling (7)

12 ’60s activists surround university with beer and heavy sounds (5)

13 Demonstrate switching the internal components of salt from the south of France (9)

14 It wreaks havoc with recreational equipment (5,3)

17 Boy with grand air in a skimpy bathing suit (5)

19 Peg only listening to Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, et al. (5)

21 Like some grapes, after replacing sulfur with nitrogen once for no reason (8)

23 Lofty perch with snow drifting through top (5,4)

25 Spot unfinished chicken part with expression of relief (5)

28 Less obese evildoer sabotaged Niners (7)

29 Progress with popular bars stocking bit of alcohol (7)

30 Russian writer’s father getting back to Alaska (9)

31 Nine three-part clues and their corresponding entries are explained by this unfortunate slip (4)


 2 Believer behind universal connection (5)

 3 Alas! Stooge is tiny, according to Spooner (3,2,2)

 4 Beat state’s top official in pit (5)

 5 Allow to turn into a novelist? (9)

 6 Undergrad’s trick: capturing central idea (7)

 7 Daring American supports a tragic ending in sound (9)

 8 Lawman schleps noise reducers (8)

 9 Runs into prosperous home for Greeks (4)

15 Regrets a loose pig on a rampage (9)

16 Where a religious judge could be found to be essentially partisan, he drinks (9)

18 Financial advice from a cow’s nose? (5,3)

20 Perfume from German city on the outskirts of Cologne (7)

22 Football pass is, after all, incomplete (7)

24 “Dense and ailing” written thus on back of book (5)

26 Using their heads, independent pharmacists all dispense sleeping tablets (5)

27 Chop dope (4)


anag.) 9 R(A{MM})ING10 WHI{TT}(L)E
11 D + W{EE}BS12 [e/BRO]-{CC}OLI
14 REO (rev.) + {CC}U{RR}ED15 (rev.)
18 2 defs.19 B{OO}ND + O{GG}LE
22 2 defs. 24 2 defs.26 GA(LI)L{EE}27 anag.
28 CO({MM}I{TT}{EE})W + OMEN

DOWN 1 ST + RIDER 2 N(UMBER)ONE[t] 3 rev. 4 rev. 5 anag.
6 E + VINCE 7 LE(T)GO 8 anag. 13 OR + [l]IONS – BE[L]T 16 anag.
17 ROD(CAR)E + W 18 FOR + AGE 20 EASTMA (anag.) + N
21 SLA(LO)M 23 hidden (&lit.) 25 “Abel”

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