Puzzle No. 3424

Puzzle No. 3424


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 1 Blows concealed by general’s technical jargon (8)

 5 Look back into university degree for support (6)

10 Disentangle snarled lace at front of Reeboks (5)

11 Grandiose way to get places—primarily, traveling with a killer whale—is
in fashion (9)

12 Without a bit of required payment! (4)

13 Stoic nod in unfortunate circumstances (10)

15 Changing everything but the start in recent imitation (9)

17 In the end, again, you will feel insignificant (4)

18 Defective video (missing last fragment of tape) is empty (4)

20 Where you might see long-haul crews: slightly seedy sailors’ joints (9)

24 Randy and Viola [sic] disrupted our gang (10)

26 Clued “topless” phonetically? That’s obscene (4)

28 Reeves making KP work for cooking ingredient (6,3)

29 Calls elements of neoliberalism, retroactively, “backward” (5)

30 Gloomy-ass Monday ultimately following culmination of weekend (6)

31 Sony relocated to two states with interchangeable designations—
somewhat like the four pairs of entries in the completed grid
that are often used together in 1A (8)


 1 Cruel, diabolical one, with leadership of fiends involved! (7)

 2 Old men go right to sleep outside part of the hospital (7)

 3 Bipolar disorder gets you fat (4)

 4 The science of signs and listening with one ear? (9)

 6 Moralistic austerity of corrupt saint interrupting festive holiday (10)

 7 Hot, like pastrami at times? (2,1,4)

 8 Smart speech, omitting commercial lobby’s conclusion (6)

 9 Hunky guy’s earring (4)

14 For example, Scotch terrier, finally sitting inside, had a tongue in your
mouth (4,6)

16 Unhinged guard approaches an associate one step at a time (9)

19 Performing deer captivated by buck (7)

21 I wander through the grapevine with something from the freezer (3,4)

22 An insult written in street slang, at first, for disciples of the Marquis (7)

23 In Guadalajara, the polemical section of the newspaper went out the
window? (6)

25 Despair only has to decrease? (4)

27 Eight in Florence or Bismarck (4)



ACROSS 1 anag. 5 M + ADAM 9 [en]VYING 10 COUN[t]S + ELOR (rev.) 11 tiles anag., dud anag. 12 anag. 14 [e]POXY 15 HE + LIO + TROP + E (rev.) 18 anag. 19 FAR + M 22 REB UKE 24 F + LANDERS 26 anag. 27 P + RANK 28 hidden 20 C(ONGRU)ENT (gun or anag.)

DOWN 1 D + EVE + LOP 2 REINDE(X)ER 3 M(AG)P + I.E. 4 UNCLE[a]R + EMUS 5 HA(U)L 6 pun 7 DE(L)FT 8 anag. 13 TINS (rev.) + EL + TO + W + N 16 O + NAVE + RAGE 17 2 defs. 18 PAR(APE)T 20 ME(t)S + SKIT 21 anag. 23 BO(S)OM 25 “sheik”

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