Puzzle No. 3348

Puzzle No. 3348

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 French painter’s lemonade cut with booze? (6,5)

 7 See 1D

 9 Beat back someone who makes things even smarter (7)

10 Polished toenail brings joy (7)

11 Retract quote: “Toy material is wild” (8)

12 After temperature dropped, 9 repaired part of the eye (6)

13 Ready? It’s necessary to strip everything (4)

14 What you might find at a dinner: the jokes about the guest of honor are not mean enough, perhaps (5,4)

17 How Charlie Clin’s characters behaved?! (9)

19 Karate chops requiring repetition (4)

22 Hold a naval hero (6)

23 Freaky, noisome cult members (7)

25 Is a cola unpalatable without friends? (7)

26 She ran into a lot of ice. Surprisingly, it ain’t cold (7)

28 See 1D

29 One who’s glad to communicate with the dead without going to extremes? (5,6)


 1 & 7A, 27D, 28A John made a machine part, with time for an old television show (6,6)

 2 An idiot in a European city (7)

 3 Motorist connecting source of Danube with Rhine, for example (6)

 4 Spoil an excavation with mostly over-hasty celebration (5,4)

 5 Carol and Russell looking up (4)

 6 Garment in an in-box? That’s a joke (8)

 7 Choose to imprison one slayer of gods (7)

 8 Something helpful for grooming furry TV alien amid depression and bereavement (6,5)

11 A woman might keep her skirts up with this remote item: beer (11)

15 One feature of this puzzle’s grid is smarmy yet affected (9)

16 Eat all of something yummy, swallowing the usual way (8)

18 A couple of paramedics examine a weak boxer (7)

20 Am I incapable of accepting a greeting with wine? (7)

21 Poet doth wend his way east (6)

24 Buddies coming up with an insult (4)

27 See 1D


1 EL + EV(A)TOR (voter anag.) 5 L(APT)OP 10 P + ETER (anag.) 11 rev. hidden 12 anag. 14 “swayed” 15 STEPP(ED)UP (rev.) 18 A FOR TI OR I 22 anag. 24 anag. 27 ROCK + OPERA (a rope anag.) 28 SPA + GO 29 “I lean” 30 T(HIRTEE)N (either anag.)

DOWN 1 anag. 2 hidden 3 A + GREE(MEN)T 4 OED + I(PU)S 6 [m]ARGOT 7 anag. 8 [f/P]-LEA 9 T(RI)UNE 13 UPSIDE + DOWN ([o]edipus anag.) 16 rev. 17 pun 19 anag. 20 ON VIE (anag.) + W 21 IMP + EACH 23 VIOLA + T.E. 25 EMOT-E (rev.) 26 T + RUE

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