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 1 Lincoln’s supporter enthralled by a bad actor (7)

 5 Case in Tulsa, WI? That can’t be right (7)

 9 Broadcasting part of Wagnerian opera retrospective (2,3)

10 Country Hall of Fame quarterback’s daughter drops out, replaced by son (3,6)

11 Musical group’s arrangement of “Hornets,” involving repetition (3,5,6)

13 Segment in text: “you, me and a bean” (6)

14 Area of France where two men meet (8)

17 Popular singer’s arts? (4,4)

19 Small feature is narrow (6)

22 Santa (Capricorn, perhaps) nabs tramp, mostly afraid of being caught in a tight spot (14)

25 Head couple changes places in dance for a very large number (9)

26 Brave man kidnaps Eliot (5)

27 Underwood of American Idol (an Oklahoma native) is heard singing along in a bar (7)

28 Grew angry about true disaster (7)


 1 Rewound PBS program: A Flower for Shakespeare (4)

 2 Car’s rear totaled—oh God, a lousy driver! (4,3)

 3 1854 novel in the print edition of a newspaper? (4,5)

 4 Company’s lover (Mister Darcy, ultimately) loses time (6)

 5 Knight’s fate: to carry a weapon (8)

 6 At first, work well with behemoth at sea (5)

 7 One French and one Roman cereal for a mythical creature (7)

 8 Bolshevik moves briskly to pass bad check around a club (10)

12 High-tech rooster with wings and hair, captivating host (5,5)

15 In the past, I considered speed a moral obligation (9)

16 Like Noah’s animals and fruit, with reasons stated aloud (8)

18 Tabletop protector for a waterfront resident going downhill? (7)

20 Flyer’s audiovisual remix of a trio (7)

21 For instance, Amelia Bloomer’s long dash straddling a horse (6)

23 Penetrating proposal: vodka shots (5)

24 “Colored” went out of use in conversation (4)