Puzzle No. 3310

Puzzle No. 3310

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.



 1 Hesitation to bear thanks where Mormons are plentiful (4)

 3 Bernanke reorganized file containing 10—that’s helpful (10)

10 Notices from Social Security about something that is to be shared (5)

11 Amid mob scene, lying in a disgusting fashion (9)

12 Rifle’s triangular frame holding 10 (7)

13 Hire former president to secure opening in Haiti (7)

14 A couple of people (10?) drink in Florida city (9)

17 600 divided by 1, at first, equals 500 cubed (5)

18 Lost movie dog returned, clutching last bit of bone (2,3)

20 Face of child (or boy) eating 10 with mâche (4,5)

23 Epoch, looking backward in time, when no one is ahead (3,4)

24 10 among reduced staff related to the hip (7)

26 Eccentric, 13, has air conditioning installed (9)

27 Take 10 from one who makes solid arguments to initiate interaction (3,2)

28 Unstable nut, seen around 10, speaks (10)

29 Southern fighter in same-sex relationship, originally (4)


 1 Loose leaves Greek letter turned up (7)

 2 Straighten out dual ignition on the inside (5)

 4 Bryant flipped about Winfrey’s magazine in digital publication (1-4)

 5 Unexpectedly, Casey locks a piece of furniture (4,5)

 6 “Deconstructing Iran” led in The Nation (7)

 7 One dimple I term practically the same (9)

 8 Elder rebuilt walls of abbey within, with several levels (7)

 9 Composed paeans for a European country to its residents (6)

15 Vampire bats: “Fear us not!” (9)

16 Frustrating chore: bringing up arts with a group of artists (9)

18 For example, an awful recital (7)

19 Rising 10 damage a dead language (7)

21 Defender? He slid all over the place (6)

22 Goodness! Half of December over, New York catching cold (7)

24 Work for free verse (5)

25 Story involving general’s cat (5)


ACROSS 1 EXPECT ORATIONS 9 “lox myth” 10 ENV(O)Y 11 P + RESIDIO (anag.) 12 rev. hidden 14 initial letters 15 A(LONGS)IDE 17 “self own” (&lit.) 19 anag. 21 NEO(C)ON (no one anag.) 23 PANE LIST 25 rev. 26 anag. 27 letter bank

DOWN 1 E-CLIPS + [w]E[b] 2 POC (rev.) + K + ETFUL (anag.) 3 CU(SH)ION 4 OR(I + GINAT)OR (giant anag.) 5 anag. 6 hidden 7 N(EVE)R 8 MY + R(TL)E 13 FOR + EX-AMPLE 16 “into wishin’” 17 C(AN)OPY 18 PRO-GRAM 19 S(WELL)UP 20 R(ETRE)AT 22 anag. 24 PI + US

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