Puzzle No. 3308

Puzzle No. 3308

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Cryptic clues are mostly profane (7)

 5 Our parting shot on whiskey (7)

 9 Reorganize retail bin in tense situation (4-5)

10 Flower’s edge behind you in Guatemala (5)

11 Beginning of William Shakespeare play (all but the final two parts) rewound in video device (6)

12 Someone who doesn’t say anything about late preparation when dinner is supposed to be ready (8)

14 State: “Video-game family getting last of menthol cigarettes” (8,5)

18 State: “Workers mostly returning for pool hustler” (9,4)

20 Liver, for example, is eaten by Rosa if chopped (4,4)

22 Sorceress has large group of friends (6)

25 Look back and check out a song that used to be popular (5)

26 Rug is described by darn playwright (9)

27 Comedian seen in unrated flop (7)

28 Mountain with rotten plums, yo! (7)



 1 Oscillation in power: a signal of Caesar’s arrival (4,4)

 2 Clown’s head and arm go up (5)

 3 Balance managed with participation of the author’s bookkeeper? (9)

 4 Religious ceremony is less original in the nude (4)

 5 Where razors are wielded to prevent riotous Serb dance (10)

 6 Before rising, illuminated well? (5)

 7 Mixture of basalt and ice in northern body of water (6,3)

 8 Family member is born in Paris—what a relief! (6)

13 Puzzle after Sunday the 15th, often: how to ride a horse while wearing a skirt (10)

15 Cue to take a rest (9)

16 Fantastic gain Mary and I redistributed (9)

17 Windows 8 might be regarded thus: something toxic (8)

19 Be able to buy a loud car (6)

21 A place for putting money (5)

23 Online company supporting computer peripherals’ chip in Britain (5)

24 Game with remote ring? (4)


1 C + HADORS (anag.) 5 HO + STAGE 9 PE(RUSE)D 10 MA(GNAT)E 11 N[e]IGH 12 anag. 14 HONES + TTO GOD (dog Ott rev.) 17 & 18 GAL + ORE 19 anag. 20 PI + RAN + DELL + O 24 A + SAP 27 IMME[n/R]SE 28 anag. 29 TOR(MEN)T 30 anag.

DOWN 1 CAPON[e] 2 anag. 3 O(US)T 4 anag. 5 HAM B URGER 6 S’IG + MA (rev.) 7 A + BAC (rev.) + I 8 [r]E(TERN)ALLY 13 initial letters 14 anag. (&lit.) 15 T(ENDER)EST 16 D + RAG 17 anag. 21 “roomer” 22 phonetic hidden 23 LORE + N 25 POE + T.S. (&lit.) 26 O M.I.T.

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