Puzzle No. 3291

Puzzle No. 3291

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


 1 Artist’s triumph with unhurried smash hit (7,5)

 9 Bismarck, whether advancing or retreating (4)

10 A car, intact after a breakdown in a cold spot (10)

11 Announced something like ultracomplete meal (4,4)

12 For example, Fleming is from the East (5)

13 Namesake of London gallery, wearing jeans, is on the rise? (9)

16 Celebrities write six words as an afterthought (4)

18 Read Pynchon in reverse to nab professional friskers? (4)

19 In the final moments, come back from the side (9)

21 Oppose Canada’s first flag maker (5)

22 That’s disgusting! Education, having broken up family, began to take effect (6,2)

25 Quote me the wrong way, incorporating a trajectory for understanding (10)

26 Carpenter’s item is no trouble (4)

27 Probes former Middle Eastern group’s allowances (12)


 2 Exchange set after Nobel-winning dramatist shifts opening to finale (9)

 3 Native Americans plead aloud (5)

 4 Approve a detective’s exotic beast (5)

 5 Where you don’t want to wind up: stirring the oats (3,4)

 6 Duck back to once again catch some sleep? (9)

 7 Recovery of traveler I misled (9)

 8 Look over small jail (4)

14 Unsuccessfully give a demo for Grand Theft Auto, e.g. (5,4)

15 Chats about work with Canuck’s right wing interrupting slap shot, unfortunately (5,4)

17 “Doctor, doctor—I spy China!” (9)

20 Second attempt, like eating watermelon at first (4,3)

21 Summer program for outrageous behavior (4)

23 Starts to confer (or converse) over alcoholic drink (5)

24 Chattering on, we produced boredom (5)


ACROSS 1 FUND A MENTALIST 9 NEWS + PA + PER 10 2 defs. 11 rev. homophone 12 MOTO + RMOUTH (anag.) 14 E(C)LECT[r]IC 15 A THEN A 17 AMA ZON[e] 19 CAN + VASES 22 “pidgin whole” 24 P(L)AN 26 CO-BRA 27 NEG(OT + I)ATE 28 V(ALED)ICTORIANS (deal anag.)

DOWN 1 FI(N)ANCE 2 “due kneel” Spoonerism 3 anag. 4 anag. 5 TURBO[t] 6 LOCO MOTIVE (&lit.) 7 SE(IZU)RE (Uzi rev.) 8 JOSH + UA 13 E + CHOLOCATE (anag.) 16 “dale-ite” 17 ASP + ECT (anag.) 18 anag. 20 SULT (anag.) + AN A 21 2 defs. 23 HEN + RI 25 2 defs.

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