Puzzle No. 3261

Puzzle No. 3261

And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.


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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 and 28 Word such as “wine” or “water”—or “transubstantiation”? (4,4)
 3 Auditory realignment: outside of North Carolina, everybody supposedly gets one (3,2,5)
10 Bargains with lunatic, softer on the exterior (7)
11 Evangelist pursues hiding place for The Nation (7)
12 In retrospective, Picasso’s outrivaled masters of technique (9)
13 Giant clamp on the tongue (5)
14 Smoking near pillow’s center in lodges (6)
16 3.0 (three) crackers held by nurse’s colleagues (8)
18 Chilled dessert, for the most part, sometimes referred to as a meat dish (8)
19 Rewind parts of an inning I’d seen inside TV station (6)
22 “Orcuspay” language? (5)
23 Underworld figure and stoolie hold $100 for powerful magnate (9)
25 Key group of spies supplants Egypt’s leader in inflicting pain (7)
26 Zero grade for speechifying (7)
27 Married gays, initially, beginning to educate children! (5,5)
28 See 1
 1 Something good but confusing—viz: math (7)
 2 Track from satisfactory to unsatisfactory (5)
 4 Musician lacking first aid (6)
 5 Business attempt at the foot of Asian river (8)
 6 Walk within legal limits (14)
 7 Otherwise neutral, Asner is just the same (9)
 8 Welcomed neatnik after tidying up (5,2)
 9 Cocktail’s mixed-in asset: liqueur (7,7)
15 Could this be a source of financial independence? Sounds like bondage play would (5,4)
17 They help you go down fast and pass over shouts of encouragement (3,5)
18 Exploit to frighten farm animal (4,3)
20 Go on—act crazy with a stop sign, e.g. (7)
21 Speaker’s false takeover is a puzzle (6)
24 One sporting frightful horn! (5)
ACROSS 1 TWEN (rev.) + TY 9 anag. 10 E(M)BER (beer anag.) 11 2 defs. 12 BOR + A (rev.) 14 [asp]HALT 15 2 defs. 19 W(ALL)A 21 AM I? + D 24 [s]LANG 26 hidden 28 CR + AWL 29 RE[f/E]LECTED 30 DOUB[t] + LEVI’S(I) + ON
DOWN 1 T(URM)OIL (rum anag.) 2 anag. 3 TO + TE 4 T + OR SO 5 EW(ELAM)BS (male rev., webs anag.) 6 anag. 7 2 defs. 8 [m]ARIA 13 A + BUT (rev.) 16 anag. 17 YAD + A (rev.) 18 BALL + CLUB 20 LON(GAG)O (loon anag.) 22 anag. 23 YE(ME)NI 24 LUC[k]Y 25 anag. 27 anag.

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