Puzzle No. 3234

Puzzle No. 3234

Don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.

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And don’t miss Kosman and Picciotto’s new crossword blog, Word Salad.
 1 Philosopher’s telephone assistant, keeping money, rejected no taxis (3,7,5)
 9 Legendary Arabian youngster is a boy with a racket (7)
10 Put another way, secures! (7)
11 Greens’ state permit seen in criminal court before election primary (7,7)
12 A dog should be, near part of a garden! (6)
14 Initially make one dash (u)
17 Losing your grip in one section of a Victoria’s Secret catalog (8)
19 Revolutionary Harlem composer (6)
21 Fruit messed up the mailroom, too (8,6)
25Bridget Jones, for example, is supremely terrible when read aloud (7)
26 Zest up meat in a stew (7)
27 George twice uncovered his lights in Hawaii, formerly (8,7)
 1 What you might find in Ireland: costume jewelry? (9)
 2 50 into 500 sheets makes 18 (5)
 3 Workers of the world unite and refuse to sell insurance (7)
 4 Present occasion in the years before Jesus’ birth? (5)
 5 Middle East residents, shockingly real, got into Egyptian goddess (8)
 6 Where some travelers wait to kiss a crown (3,4)
 7 Clergy afflicted prime minister (9)
 8 Sweetie, getting up, eats Southern snack (4)
13 Make trouble, as Herman’s parents did? (5,4)
15 In France, I was enthralled by some fish—they can fly very fast (9)
16 Doubter is coasting freely (8)
18 Reach sexual deviant you reported (7)
20 Group of spies, sent into Laos stealthily and withdrawn (7)
22 Operatic heroine captivates a coastal city (5)
23 One to benefit once more (5)
24 Probability of gray in Germany, for instance (4)
 9 “oiler” 10 PER CA + PITA (caper anag.) 11 & 23 2 defs. 12 C + LICHE (Chile anag.) 14 CRY + P[aren]T
 15 ANTIP + AS + TO (paint anag.)
 17 T([y]RAV)ELLER (vary rev.)
 19 INDI[r]A 21 FOR + EGO 25 C(E)ASE + FIRE 26 P + ILAF (fail anag.)

 2 rev. hidden 3 “lore nyet” 4 anag.
 5 2 defs. 6 EMA(I)L (lamé rev.)
 7 [s]PI-S-CES 8 HAVE-NOT + ASTE FOR (stare of anag.) 13 ST + ARCHIE + ST 16 anag. 18 A B ROAD
 20 DOUBLE T (attire) 22 hidden
 24 “seek”


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