1  A living thing about to have almost what any type of actor is doing. (One hopes the kids are!) (8)

5  Taw, possibly–proving Mable is about right! (6)

10  The players might hope for a good one, as things develop. (7)

11  Trials, otherwise throws out the cards. (7)

12  Pyle, for instance, being one point in the lake. (5)

13  Madame hopes the new dress will, which is proper. (9)

14  The series of items has the last letter intended for the composer. (5)

16  What’s the point to darning your socks, for example–at least changing things for the better! (8)

19  As for the kids they like such–which might be the hour for Hamlet. (8)

22  It could be the preface to a big blow-up, or a least the intro for such. (5)

24  Give a shout to Pierre, before Tim is confused about the start of Collected Reviews and Analysis. (9)

26  A final letter? Bear with it, possibly–it might be crossing in London. (5)

28  Listens again to almost all of the rehearsal? (7)

29  Neither sharp nor flat, being the usual thing. (7)

30  The old writer offers a safe home to such as Teddy… (6)

31  …and helped him out. (8)


1  Another name for a bollard, to possibly rely on the result in an untasteful way. (8)

2  The girl objectively gets on as a real bird! (5)

3  A musician might play one with 10, possibly (only the last half) in a pretty wild way! (9)

4  Worthy of your attention, but can’t do much about anything. (7)

6  Go carefully over the figures, in Paris to get said properly. (5)

7  A real looney from Rio? (Three-sided, too!) (6,3)

8  Dash to sing badly for a type of banner. (6)

9  A large number of what might get charged in Java commonly. (6)

15  The ego takes over when one so acts, and is fleshly, perhaps. (9)

17  Zen: do it! It straightened out an operatic composer. (9)

18  Bone up on being given a name–being given a name. (2-6)

20  Here in Paris, the east of Paris is most frigid… (6)

21  …so such fancy garments might be welcome! (7)

23  Leave a lasting mark on Ed, and be a bit frightened because of it. (6)

25  Look, I’m a genius! Get the picture? (5)

27  One might find it overhead in place of 20. (5)