1  Not quite grade-A, but our little George is present, that is, and they’re mainly concerned with property values. (11)

9  Do a little sparring with an important member of the church. (Might look good in your yard!) (3,5)

10  The salad gets et, too, by the sound of it–just as he said, finally. (6)

11  An ill-bred man–a Scot–but from a French colony. (7)

12  It’s supposed to put the little one to sleep, with a little quiet when the baby doesn’t start to make it. (7)

14  Leave someone ashore with a few pearls, for instance. (6)

15  A real top type–right? Gets sort of beat–and embittered! (8)

17  Turn around and around with the rest shook up–just like a little old lady nobody wanted! (8)

20  Associated with trees, poetically…(6)

22  …with what’s left of the tree going to the news boss, in short–not knowing the answer. (7)

24  A classic tale on the broken-up street in Paris–to find a person of taste. (7)

26  The sort of sting has nothing but bars associated with them. (6)

27  Possibly the main date would be fixed up in cartoon fashion. (8)

28  Refusing any change, running for office like little Mr. Henry. (8,3)


2  Finished pale and wan–or just too much removed? (9)

3  and 20 Do his tales explain natural history? Just so! (7,7)

4  see 8

5  It’s chic, as I hear this puzzle is, to ensure that something is not left out. (7)

6  One fateful day? To Little Albert, it’s perfect! (5)

7  Mr. Sawyer, pet, is to sleep with lots of women. (6)

8  and 4 The head of the synagogue starts to cry, but they really get the picture! (6,4)

13  Africa dream reveals the nucleus of the group. (5)

16  Byzantine cabal comes together by volcanic flow to make a covering that might be used in a stickup. (9)

18  ”I’m on this!” means you’ve lost power. (6)

19  Square on the justification you’ll find a crime against this magazine, or so it sounds. (7)

20  see 3

21  One of 4 on the upcoming study made money. (6)

23  Count this–it means I won’t join! (2,3)

25  Charge me subjectively–it takes me where I want to go. (4)