Puzzle No. 3160

Puzzle No. 3160


 1 Evidently something like the puma pounces–but such are not legitimate occasions of inaction. (7,7)



1  Evidently something like the puma pounces–but such are not legitimate occasions of inaction. (7,7)

9  Where a takeoff is likely to show what the careful wine lover might do to freshen things up. (7)

10  Ricky is a real funny guy in someplace in South America. (7)

11  Contented with things poorly set, if said this way. (9)

12  Joint US-Canadian effort, and/or problematic! (5)

13  Stop the headway of a vessel. (5,2)

15  What’s in a name? Light-emitting diode! But it’s all backward for a Nobel Prize winner for medicine. (7)

16  Villainous action scattered dimes before Ed. (7)

18  Springs in the old-fashioned way? (7)

20  It could be cuter, but that’s what stops the fighting! (5)

21  Briefly noted Rhode Island prison gains little interest and finally nothing, yet shows how a young thing will attain maturity. (5,4)

23  Tempted to get what sounds like tea on frozen cubes, in the last stage. (7)

24  In fun it ingeniously is coming together. (7)

25  Puzzled accountants try to make this, but the man on the wire should never lose it. (5,2,7)


1 Questioning the stuff things are made of by asking, “Is something wrong”? (5,3,6)

2  Just the girl to alter a problem! (7)

3  Slightly angry statements made in many a thesis? (5-10)

4  Getting all together in a musical sense. (5)

5  A worn-down state, but what’s on the wheel sends wrong results. (9)

6  If it’s nothing much to 1 down, it’s because it’s this. (15)

7  It doesn’t get beat inside your head–it’s read incorrectly, but with spirit. (7)

8  One’s mouth does–but it’s a way to shut it. (4,4,6)

14  Decapitated Ford hits addled deer, to finally spell it out: when one is this, one doesn’t have much choice. (7,2)

17  What you might take to go back and forth. (7)

19  Appropriate results from scrambled coding around the first of November. (7)

22  Jack Horner’s find gets a good grade? Absolutely! (5)

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