1  Accompanying the little devil, you get everything together–and can’t be blamed this way! (4,8)

10  A small portion in spoken form, which might describe the movement of the spheres. (7)

11  Moses is a perfect example–as well as in a mixture of a gram of it. (7)

12  What a spider makes with some hesitation implied–as a music-maker, too! (5)

13  Giving you motivation–but you can’t say you didn’t inhale while you were doing it! (9)

14  A false lead, according to the color of the lady’s band. (3,7)

16  The shape of the hat I found in a different country? (4)

18  Junior to 11 by one generation, like Hemingway… (4)

20  …whose mate gets to make music around her, which may bother your 13. (10)

23  The oracle is about to make a search, and withdraw into solitude. (9)

25  It’s obvious that this is nothing to a heraldic color! (5)

26  A former player on the stage is a demanding type! (7)

27  One of Kukla’s friends gets a shake, and is wild with excitement! (7)

28  Describing a party that brooks no opposition. (12)


2  Toss a lousy dime over some protection against spills as this is drunk. (7)

3  Places for a straw type (or felt, or wool), but you wouldn’t expect them to sprout your topper! (3,5)

4  A small unit of mass or weight could make you sick in a Russian airplane and crash. (9)

5  Recommends a sort of surge. (5)

6  In a capital, I can form a different kind of letter. (6)

7  As you can gather, I did shy badly from a High German language with bits and pieces from many tongues. (7)

8  A brash way of trying to make a hit with the gal, though they sometimes earn a few points on the field. (7,6)

9  Not the grinning cow in the ads–just one considered the butt of the joke. (13)

15  A tennis professional, in good shape for what the business hopes to make. (3,6)

17  A girl who just came out on the radio show–smart-looking, too! (8)

19  Flavorful ratio starting a quantity of this. (7)

21  Possible train, i.e., but not a moving description. (7)

22  Male or female on an Asian holiday, capable of making quite a bit of music. (6)

24  Where a yodel might be expected. (5)