1  Change the action, if you want to get into an argument. (11)

9  See 6 down

10  and 11 Spring nut? It’s a tricky phrase! (5,4)

12  Without feeling, you get to phone nothing to you and me. (7)

13  A manner of carrying this. (7)

15  Supposedly pleasing when only man is vile. (8)

16  Various way to hang things out in the daylight. (6)

18  Places to get a rubdown with a little writing? They should convulse you! (6)

21  A regular go-getter, but you wouldn’t want to make a touch with it. (4-4)

24  Get too big for overcoats, galoshes, and such? (7)

26  Used to announce that person is about to put a message on the channel. You get a wave with it! (7)

28  An animal that sounds naked. (4)

29  I’d get out of a Southern state, just to see the pretty things. (5)

30  How to hold part of the castle. (4)

31  Set to be hot or cold. (11)


2  Certainly not a 9, being true, but sits awkwardly at last. (9)

3  Time certainly gets rubbed out with it! (7)

4  and 14 Might have ears, but things that hurt your feet speak for themselves! (9)

5  Workers in the field that steer things. (7)

6  and 9 across Give something to one on the right when they pass the plate. (9)

7  A very snappy tune, but not much sense in it. (3,3)

8  Where some hope to find prosperity–just around it. (6)

14  See 4

17  Not the old store where the Brits can bet on things. (9)

19  Made a face to keep out education, in part. (6)

20  One on the workforce has a pole, being concerned with a raise. (7)

22  Green, and mixed up with green outside. (7)

23  Danced, but almost fell over. (6)

25  A wild throw, but has some value. (5)

27  River to look at the game here? This guy really got around! (4)