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October 6, 2008 Issue

David Bacon on immigration, Paul Farmer on Haiti, Patricia J. Williams on Sarah Palin…

Cover art by: Cover design by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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The Contempt of Karl Rove

Fifty years ago, Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote that all citizens have an "unremitting obligation" to respond to Congressional subpoenas. Karl Rove has breached this obligation.

Crashing the Election

Puncturing John McCain's Teddy Roosevelt persona will require brutal honesty from Barack Obama--about the causes of the crash and the regulatory solutions.


Something Stupid

John McCain is determined to lie his way into the White House, and pundits and reporters are doing everything they can to enable that strategy.



Show Us the Money

Something needs to be done for the American taxpayer--something fair--to salvage Wall Street. We want the same deal Warren Buffet got.

View From Asia

Flush with cash, most Asian governments and financial players are wary of being drawn into the Wall Street maelstrom.

Goldman Sachs Socialism

Instead of handing Bernanke $700 billion with no strings attached, government should take over the banking and finance sector, clean it up and start funneling money into the real e...

John McCain: Crisis Enabler

The deregulation binge that tanked global markets is a bullet deliberately fired into the economy by ideologues, heedless of the ultimate cost to taxpayers. And John McCain cheered...

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She opens the double doors to the garden
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