1  Violence stirs up tenuous, um, sluts. (14)

9  Foreshadow the left extremity? (7)

10  A dog does when pleased with the bird. (7)

11  What a horse does with Pooh, by the sound of it. (6)

12  Work gear to cover all sorts inside. (8)

14  Those in a hurry are hell for this, but it’s the real mess, you see. (7)

15  When in trouble, Cyril composes what goes with a tune. (5)

17  For example, soak in water, with such a bird. (5)

19  Flamboyant manner makes Peter hurt. (7)

21  Place in Canada where my French gets later problems. (8)

23  They’re not always good excuses when bail is set. (6)

25  One hears it’s a long line at the dance, but it’s that round thing you hit first. (3,4)

26  A mixed-up pair with an outburst of ire that could be a subject of a Cooper novel. (7)

27  One finds the door this way, and goes to a certain amount of trouble. (4,7,3)


1  Use that old Remington, with the sort that finally sounds correct. (9)

2  Belligerent marital confusion. (7)

3  Don’t tell the truth while you’re getting ready to pounce! (3,2,4)

4  Take something to pieces, being sort of round, but not right. (4)

5  Without the slightest sign of weakness. (10)

6  Where a poetic tiger was found to get to reign improperly. (5)

7  More of a standard type, but you could use it to hold things together. (7)

8  What a Greek cross might stand for at times. (4)

13  Chagrined when the bloke has hit the pavement? (10)

15  Not a long-distance affair, which shouldn’t cost more than a relatively small coin. (5,4)

16  Where the lookout stays, and sort of owns the ridge around it. (5,4)

18  A versification that is sort of round, with a bad mark inside. (7)

20  Bring me up to the drinking spot, and finally go with the ban on shipping. (7)

21  One well-versed trio that couldn’t see how to squeak by on the run. (4)

22  Ways alternative to those short notices. (5)

24  Mimics some of Tarzan’s friends? (4)