Puzzle No. 3128

Puzzle No. 3128


 1 Rex might be found here, but suffering from lack of favor. (2,3,8)



1 Rex might be found here, but suffering from lack of favor. (2,3,8)

10 Not a grand type, but rather moral. (7)

11 Right, my dear? Wrong–but Muscovites in uniform might swell it. (3,4)

12 A cellar might be what puts you in the lowest category. (9)

13 Quiet, radical–strip! (5)

14 One of the damn people onstage, with any confusion leading to a cry of alarm coming back. (6)

16 What one described by 1 across is asked to shake–worse in the inside, possibly, but capable of giving the best cuts. (5,3)

19 A high point out back to you and me, being all wound up in the worst way. (8)

20 Dashes frantically from old ghosts. (6)

22 Stressed? No! But starts like Schwartz does. (5)

23 Said incorrectly, and loses color around it, being a line of cliffs. (9)

25 Saw in the newspapers there’s a way to pass on the contents of it, being so prepared. (7)

26 A couple might run off to get it, as the film might be. (7)

27 Office types having the wrong notes on a chart, with some signs of hesitation. (13)


2 Opera that is a bit short of being ordinary? (5)

3 It might represent a peak of learning, to employ audibly a point concerning Shylock’s money with one on. (6,9)

4 The line possibly signed on by little Dorothy and little Theodore. (6)

5 With a shaggy rat, I only notice there’s a lot of turning with it. (8)

6  A common comparison with aging implied. (3,2,10)

7  Taken aback, and getting us up right before it ends up given leverage. (9)

8  A group of quatrains, first class in a precious stone at the end. (8)

9  One hears it is passed on, having been given a new color. (4)

15  The direction of neither’s companion on the middle sat a bit awkwardly. (9)

17  Half of what goes all around the town in song. (A sort of stew on a dish type in addition–there’s a story here!) (4,4)

18  Small canine, with not too much bite. (5,3)

21  Question, in the way of the surrounding state. (6)

22  Proving a bad ruse could be positive. (4)

24  Possibly cored as a sort of ornamentation. (5)

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