Puzzle No. 3125

Puzzle No. 3125


1 As a poser, one would be rather busy–but the inventor might produce one. (7,5)



1 As a poser, one would be rather busy–but the inventor might produce one. (7,5)

9 Checks printed on the diagonal–with rags and everything. (10)

10 There’s obviously no purpose in being so conceited, like terrible
Ivan! (4)

11 Dog–a madness on a broken lead! (8)

12 Give concrete form to something, because I am shortly to get my trunk and everything. (6)

13 Lots and lots of entertainers here. (5)

15 Describing a nail possibly worth a dime? (3-5)

16 Civil War general with skill, but one did a lot of boasting. (8)

19 To be precise, it seems to demand something. (5)

21 Take the blubber off–and run around two directions. (6)

22 Really hungry for the bird, poetically–nothing to you and me! (8)

24 Short measure, with what the miser might do to the penny not having a quiet beginning. (4)

25 Known as Doctor Death, one in the fields is determined to be so. (4,6)

26 Change one’s attitude in a fancy way–after givers at everything
point it out. (12)


2 In a dogfight in the sky, where the pilot might prefer to be–physically or morally. (2,1,6,5)

3 Three of such couldn’t find hand 
protectors, having work bundles around a number. (7)

4 Opera heroine who is not quite ordinary. (5)

5 Being the most cruel type, intended to proceed about a couple of major points. (7)

6 Old-fashioned “fooling around” has everything taking one in the ball. (9)

7 Apt to surround a winner’s sign, implying suitability for habitation. (7)

8 What the organ grinder might have to do, with a reed, typically. (4,10)

14 One will pick up almost anything, hiding in caves, perhaps, and ending up no good to the Queen. (9)

17 The firearms aren’t cold with such fire. (7)

18 You’ll hit them at the end of your trip, with a name for something in one. (7)

20 Cancels a compound that might be in the garden, coming out every twelve months. (7)

23 The marginal part of overgenerosity. (5)

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