This puzzle originally appeared in the May 8, 1976, issue.
 1 and 6 The best food possible, or what you might pay to get it. (5-5,4)
10 Is no ore washed out by it, naturally? (7)
11 Freshens up the joint? (A typical one could have had gas in it, at one time.) (7)
12 Chief on the other side of 3. (4)
13 Life now far removed from what it might take to prepare breakfast. (6,4)
15 Can, in return, estimate the worth of salt. (7)
16 The title of a Mutt and Jeff ending. (7)
17 It’s returning in part of the pack the same way, acting strongly. (7)
20 Rank, perhaps. (7)
22 Am slapped a bit around the throat, and shaken up. (5,5)
23 Mail sorted for city delivery. (4)
25 In a very short time, it might be this month. (7)
26 However, Montana is another place at heart! (7)
27 Their twilight was noted some time ago. (4)
28 A thing one might go through after winning sits awkwardly with government opponents. (10)
1 Not a slave worker pulling for it, as a possible quick impression. (8,7)
 2 A bit of South American diplomacy resorted to in certain assemblies? (4,3)
 3 One alternative to a flipper, possibly. (4)
 4 With such a pedigree, a calculated verbal approach might take time. (7)
 5 A little creature and its devoted followers bring it up a bit, possibly. (7)
 7 Underground stream, with a bird following the current. (7)
 8 Specifically, such as those for caviar? (9,6)
 9 Free of fermentation? The advertising gimmick started out with it. (4,5)
14 Sectarian sort of approach to mathematics or philosophy. (9)
18 Take little notice about the billiard stroke—that’s how some fortunes are made. (7)
19 Make leather headgear? Quite the opposite, but it takes its turn aboard ship. (7)
2 Discussion with a friend, as one might assert. (7)
21 Would they put out a storied version? (7)
24 Underfoot in 28. (4)