1 What a lying dog might get, being perfectly all right. (2,2,7)
 9 and 22 A model of paving, perhaps, to give you a specific idea. (8,7)
10 Wordsworth’s was a solitary example of the non-grim type. (6)
11 Where tears flow with what the army does to youth at times. (7)
12 See 3 down
14 One pounder in the drug business. (6)
15 One of these is the… and another is an… (8)
17 Said to be sad trees, when uprooted. (8)
20 The songster didn’t go flat-footed through them. (6)
22  See 9
24 Carries in stock things that might take their turn at various openings. (7)
26 What goes under many feet (about five) shows what one does with this effort. (6)
27 Meant to be applied to an old fiancée. (8)
28  Pain? (6,5)
 2 and 21 One might when the chess game is over, or before making any restart. (4,2,3,6)
 3 and 12 across Garland of memories somewhere here? (4,3,7)
 4 Made a joyful noise with the hands, perhaps. (4)
 5 Part of the chicken you might want on a level, facing the same way. (7)
 6 You might set off with such a reaction as a restraining force. (5)
 7 Quiet measure, but it might imply a seizure if you do. (6)
 8 Concerning sitting, and the rest. (6)
13 Could be convenient, for a jazzman. (5)
16 A lead coin counterfeited in old Scotland. (9)
18 Is an officer, male or female, not up to it? (6)
19 Relate to one’s offspring, perhaps? Rats! (5,2)
20 One who gives you your health might pop up occasionally. (7)
21 See 2
23 Either one doesn’t stay put, or helps someone else transfer property. (5)
25 Does the importunate one walk since it’s not a horse? (4)