1 and 6 How many juntas work, ordinarily? (2,1,7,4)
10 In the smartest rig, Germans show how to set things off, possibly. (7)
11 When the musicians are surrounded, they might have to, with this to show it’s official. (7)
12 and 13 In the circus, it’s the horse that is first, but the second might be occasionally first. (8,5)
15 Shaken with anger, at times. (5)
17 Understand, it’s on the shelf—but you might acquire it with study. (9)
19 When a serious discussion of a play might take place. (2,1,6)
21 Sounds a bit divine. (5)
23 Possibly a branch of society frequented by such as 24 across. (5)
24 Sham coin, perhaps, the last of which would be novel. (8)
27 Pertaining to a famous flower of Egypt. (7)
28 How to give notice of a very quiet get-up. (7)
29 and 30 It’s simple to study a branch of 17, reputedly giving you no trouble with the rest. (4,10)
 1 and 14 Integral parts of a play such as "Mayhem"? (4,2,8)
 2 What entered the Ark? Not a single one of them! (7)
 3 Such a flyer is quite a bit below par.(5)
 4 Tagged as being part of the listening equipment. (9)
 5 and 20 The old moan of absence and almost a miss? (5,3,4)
 7 There’s no help for one who is. (7)
 8 The kind of wine served in Arsenic and Old Lace. (10)
 9 Sarah Gamp’s protector. (8)
14 See 1 down
16 Poker game having tens wild, for those trying to get 17. (8)
18 All is not well if the engine does, if you’ll arrange to save other components. (9)
20 See 5 down
22 A common man in a setting of blue that is reddish. (7)
24 Port associated with Portugal, returned in the Balboa campaign. (5)
25  If this place grew corn, it might be a good sign. (5)
26 It might determine the characteristics of such as McCarthy. (4)