Puzzle No. 1599

Puzzle No. 1599

This puzzle originally appeared in the September 20, 1975, issue.

 1 and 5 One might have to, with the nested type, before using them for play. (8,6)
10 The way you should start to get filled with wonder? (The course was changed if you did.) (5)
11 and 23 downIrresistibly met in paradox. (9,6)
12 A requirement to get articles from Paris sewers might have them, just in case. (7)
13 A possible description of highland fairways catches on, perhaps. (5,2)
14 Avoids women’s dress? (6)
15 The sort that slip don’t pound. (7)
18 It shouldn’t be the low road of song. (7)
21, 19 and 1 downWhen company leaves without comment, naturally? (2,4,7,6)
24 In part, used at escaping what the drug does at times. (7)
26 Where they cleaned up with a type of Prohibition gin? (7)
27 To live in a state of flux, yet to be undamaged. (9)
28 Track harness? (5)
29 It’s supposed to be returned, though the source might be private. (6)
30 Head-splitting, going on a tear with a partisan! (8)
 1 See 21 across
 2 Traditionally hazardous seat. (6-3)
 3 One might be a poser, or else shoot things full of holes. (7)
 4 Everything between Q and U is in this, as one does without water. (7)
 6 To do it and be recognized might be a challenge. (7)
 7 Do they endear, with proper division? (5)
 8 Did Mary’s following grow to look so uncomfortable? (8)
 9 Indicative of pleasure due to some distance being made in the boat. (6)
16 Being only human, Hamlet had no pretensions of being one. (5,4)
17 Scotch and Irish, typically—that is, moves quickly about! (8)
19 See 21 across
20 Is one likely to prove very agreeable? (3-3)
21 Hardly a way to introduce new blood. (7)
22 and 25 Where should you be headed? Scratch, if so told. (2,2,3,5)
23 See 11 across
25 See 22

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