1 In the way of the old spirit on personal call? (With a lot of reserve, you might not want it.) (8,6)
 8 More commonly, being given a little bread? (9,3)
10 Not the Master of the Foxhounds—his trophy may be subsequently reduced. (10)
11 The first person to take quiet command, as a net result. (4)
13 One on a rostrum, alternatively on a mountain. (6)
14 Disturbed by the conflict, with no cure, it might seem. (8)
16 Taking your drawers off a wooden frame? Quite the opposite! (8)
17 Puts to the test, just as the fool is about to speak? (6)
19 Your name is probably a proper one. (4)
20 Literally, it’s a thing to be remembered. (10)
22 It’s not intended just to hold up your pants, though it might help in an emergency. (8,4)
23 Keep decent care of it, but you’ll have to come first. (4,10)
 1 One might be a good inside fighter. (5-9)
 2 A haven for the 14, in extreme cases. (6,6)
 3 Slangy equivalent for mitts. (5,5)
 4 Straightens out a sling shot. (6)
 5 What does the poor French sailor have to complain about? (3,2,3)
 6 You might file the digital type with "L," in a bunch of letters. (4)
 7 Objective, for me? It’s one possibility. (2,3,4,3,2)
 9 One used to stick his arm out all the way for it! (4-4,4)
12 Broken dates—press not invited if you have this. (10)
15 Semicircular canals might be found there. (5,3)
18 Such tales as Frankenstein might be obtained by the sound associated with an abundance of spirit. (6)
21 Your pipe isn’t quite full, so how about a little cheese? (4)