1 and 22 Frank talks with Arthur—possibly aired for your benefit? (5-5,10)
 6 Fish used as a standard in weight comparison? (4)
10 Writing on finer material? (7)
11 Wanting to work things, by the sound of it. (7)
12 Healing priest? (4)
13 A bad phone connection with me having no French—but it can be scientifically explained. (10)
15 With more flavor. (7)
16 A mark beginners may start from. (7)
17 Music, wine and entertainment a few years ago, or possibly a take-off connected with it. (7)
20 When your world is turbulent, it’s naturally upset internally. (7)
22 See 1 across.
23 Is it logical that some might consider his Wozzeck cold? (4)
25 I might get to make an elemental change with the traditionally dumb guy I have an appointment with. (7)
26 and 27 The second person to be the subject of old Broadway musical. (2,4,1,4)
28 Those who serve must also look in a stall for it, perhaps. (4,3,3)
 1 If it does, might your pet come down with it in the fall? (4,4,3,4)
 2 The first thing one does in a standard display? (7)
 3 The beginning of scale drawings from him? (4)
 4 Overturn a throne—but not this one. (7)
 5 Rulings that many suits have to some extent. (7)
 7 Locks inside this, for protection. (7)
 8 It might turn out to be genuine, the big order to partners on the floor. (5,3,7)
 9 One might make you sleep. (9)
14 With a couple of seers and an oil can, rub to manipulate. (9)
18 One from the USSR, in a logical disguise. (7)
19 Hardy girl, taking an age to find part of the flooring, perhaps. (7)
20 One might leave early, when the medico has nothing on but a sullen expression. (4-3)
21 The skimper’s motto may be unavailing. (7)
24 Catches up by the arm? (4)