We live on the third rock from the sun
In our living rooms
We handle the remote and touch off integrated circuits compelling
    content, non-integrated circuits such as the chitlin’ circuit, and
    disintegrated circuits such as the extended family now stretched
    across six continents
Plus one under ice
The rapid flows of global capital
Put us to sleep and wake us
We come on in on a wing and a come on
We slide right across the ice
We stop to catch up, so like a breathing tree

Instead of reading about the unconscious we decide to enter it, that is, by
    falling asleep
Dream of a document signed by CEO William K. Tasker by which we are
    offered a position as director of corporate communications for a
    company called Correct
We are romantics still, who stand and/or sit in shade
Looking straight down to the valley floor
Vertiginous, lofty, cerebral, lazy and tight
This poem may be recorded for quality assurance purposes
There we encounter planets whose colors we shall not forget