As far as scandals are concerned, the widening investigation into former Rep. Duke Cunningham has got it all. The drumroll, in no specific order:

Prostitutes. Poker. The Watergate Hotel. Members of Congress. Shady limousine companies. CIA officials with names like Dusty Foggo and Nine Fingers.

What more could reporters want in a story? I seem to recall that the last time there was a sex scandal in DC, back in the late 1990s, reporters paid rapt attention.

But so far much of big media keep downplaying or ignoring Hookergate (go read Josh Marshall)–and its connection to departed CIA chief Porter Goss.

Maureen Dowd did pen a column over the weekend entitled “Poker, Hookers and Spooks.” And her paper, The New York Times, is coming around belatedly. But TV news still has a long way to go.

As Media Matters astutely noted, these are the “only hookers Fox WON’T cover.”