On a Sentence by Fernanda Melchor

On a Sentence by Fernanda Melchor


¿Qué es lo más cabrón que te ha pasado en la vida?
The most fucked-up thing to happen to me?
Addled by busyness, I crumpled my life and let it drop
and then I outlived my life, rocking
on my misery like a cypress in the wind. I watched
stars emerge from a black egg. Lucidity
of loss. Someone came to tell me the spider
vibrating on its long legs in the ceiling corner
over my desk does not exist now. It is wedged
between the violent uninterruptedness
of one single day and the void I discovered
inside myself. Forehead tautening with self-pity.
I said, You think you know me, but you don’t
know me from Adam’s goat. And she said,
I do, and you are one and the same thing.

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