We are pleased to announce the appointment of Barry Schwabsky as The Nation‘s art critic. Barry has been writing about art for the magazine since 2005, and his essays have appeared in many other publications, including Flash Art (Milan), Artforum, the London Review of Books and Art in America. His books include The Widening Circle: Consequences of Modernism in Contemporary Art, Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting and several volumes of poetry. Writing on an impressive range of subjects–from Pierre Bonnard to Kara Walker, from Diego Velazquez to Jess–Barry has displayed a lightness of touch matched by a discerning eye. At home in the studio as much as at an opening, attentive to technique and form as much as to art’s place within and outside the museum’s walls, Barry writes essays and reviews that are enthusiastic invitations to readers to look over his shoulder and see art anew.