The Nation Does Denver

The Nation Does Denver

The Nation hosts thought-provoking discussions and events in Denver during the DNC.


As politicians, lobbyists and celebrities converge on Denver for the Democratic National Convention, genuine discussions about solutions to the pressing issues facing this country may be hard to find. To cut through the hype, The Nation is staging a series of events featuring lawmakers, thought leaders and Nation contributors to promote substantive discussion. Here’s how Nation‘s doing Denver:


4-6 pm

Live From Main Street Forum: “So You Say You Want Change: Exploring the Conflicts and Opportunities Ahead”

, Big Tent Denver, 1536 Wynkoop Street. Scheduled to appear: Van Jones, founder and president of Green for All; Rep. Donna Edwards, (MD-4th District); David Sirota, journalist and bestselling author of The Uprising; Polly Baca, former Colorado state senator and president of the Latin American Research and Service Agency; Jim Hightower, National Radio Commentator, author of Swim Against The Current; Andre Banks, deputy director of Color of Change; Faye Wattleton, founder of the Center for the Advancement of Women; David Barsamian, founder of Alternative Radio.

5-7 pm

From Fannie Lou Hamer to Barack Obama: How the Civil Rights Movement Changed American Politics

Four Seasons Ball Room at the Colorado Convention Center. Presented by The Denver Public Library, The Nation and Rocky Mountain PBS. Featuring the Honorable John Conyers, House Judiciary chair, US Representative from Detroit, Michigan, and the longest-serving African-American Congressman; composer, conductor and musician David Amram and the David Amram Trio; The Nation‘s John Nichols; and the Colorado Children’s Chorale.

8-10 pm

Progressive Welcome to Denver

Central Presbyterian Church. Presented by the Progressive Democrats of America. Hosted by Mimi Kennedy, PDA Advisory Board chair. Featuring Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and PDA Advisory Board member; Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel; Tom Hayden, author, activist; Jim Zogby, Arab-American Institute and DNC member; and Jim Hightower. Music by Dan Reed.

Monday-Thursday, 11 am-12:30 pm


Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman Street, downtown Denver.
Co-sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America.

Download daily podcasts of these events at The


Health Care, AIDS and Africa

Moderator, John Nichols; with Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. John Conyers and The Nation‘s Richard Kim.


Getting Out of Iraq

Moderator, John Nichols; with Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Rep. Maxine Waters and The Nation‘s Tom Hayden.


Immigration Reform and Economic Justice

Moderator, John Nichols; with Rep. Jim McGovern, Rep. Hilda Solis and The Nation‘s Bob Moser.


Restoring and Maintaining our Constitutional Rights

Moderator, John Nichols; with Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Robert Wexler and The Nation‘s Victor Navasky.

Also during the week, check Progressive Democrats of for information on afternoon panels featuring Laura Flanders, Jeff Cohen, Chris Raab, Lennox Yearwod, Mimi Kennedy, Jim Hightower, Medea Benjamin, Majora Carter and many others.

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