By backing John Edwards’ presidential campaign this week, Ralph Nader offered "rare praise for a leading Democratic politician," as The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel explained. After all, the consumer advocate is a Green Party hero and Democratic Party nemesis. Now the New York Times Katharine Seelye wonders whether the Edwards Campaign is trying to duck Nader’s praise, noting it has blasted press releases about minor endorsements and free ice cream, while there is radio silence on any developments involving the (in)famous Ralph Nader:

Is the campaign is more eager to boast about handing out free ice cream in January than to mention Mr. Nader’s endorsement? The Edwards camp confirms that they did not issue a release, saying they believe that Mr. Nader did. Why not? No response. […] The silence from the Edwards camp may be a new sign of how far Mr. Nader has fallen in public esteem from his days as the nation’s chief consumer advocate.


Nader is clearly anathema to Democratic activists. But Edwards Campaign Manager David Bonior did welcome Nader’s support, with a 2000 caveat, when I asked him about it on Tuesday:


We’re pleased to have support from people from all walks of life around the country. We disagreed with Ralph Nader obviously about what he did in 2000, but we’re pleased to have support from [Iowa First Lady] Mary Culver, from Ralph, from all kinds of folks…


So Bonior doesn’t think Nader is so electorally toxic that his support must be rebuffed. I don’t think Nader cuts any ice with Democrats in Iowa, though he could still be useful in mobilizing some progressive and radical voters in a general election.