Memphis death row prisoner Timothy McKinney has been trying to overturn a 1999 conviction for the fatal shooting of a police officer that he maintains he never committed. After a third trial and a hung jury, McKinney was finally offered a plea deal: plead guilty to second-degree murder and be released with time served. McKinney plead guilty to a crime he never committed and will be set free as early as today.

Nation Associate Editor Liliana Segura has followed McKinney’s case and her most recent Nation article chronicles the case, from a prosecution too corrupt to back down to a system that will send men to their death based on weak evidence. She spoke with Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh about the trial and McKinney’s impending release on today’s Democracy Now!.

Documentary filmmaker Eugene Jarecki showed his film The House I Live In, an indictment of the “War on Drugs,” to prisoners across the country. Liliana Segura sat in on a screening.