Pat Robertson, that wise prognosticator you all know and love has a brand new prediction for his flock: millions of them will most likely die at the end of this new year. On his incredibly classless program The 700 Club, where last year Robertson proved what a good Christian he was by calling for Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez to bekilled, he announced that God has told him of a “mass killing” coming at the end of ’07.

“The Lord didn’t say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that,” Robertson stated matter-of-factly. God apparently delivers these cataclysmic predictions on a regular basis to Robertson’s doorstep. Last year God told Robertson that a tsunami would probably slam against our country. ( I guess God was just playing a practical joke.)

Who knows why this terrible “mass killing” is bound to occur? Something tells me Robertson will link it to the incoming Democratic Congress or perhaps the existence of abortion rights and homosexuals. Whatever reason he cites you can be sure it is meant to manipulate and malign, because that’s what Robertson does best.